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Special letters for your child from round the globe

Activities, Recipes, Language & Games. Curated by friends around the world - delivered to your living room.

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What Does my child I receive twice a month?

A letter from a peer

Each fortnight a different child from across the globe pens a personal note for children around the world, sharing fascinating details about life where they and their family are. Your child can write back to them too!

A simple recipe

Receive the recipe for an easy to make local snack. Prepare and cook it at home with your family, and give the kids chance to taste something new.

Rules to a local Game

Your letter-sender will include step by step instructions for how to play a favourite local playground game - approved by local children!

Puzzles, Colouring and Fun Facts

Find hidden words learned from reading through the letter, colour-in a famous landmark from the host city and learn some crazy fun facts. Plus find links to music and shows popular in the host country.

A language lesson

Encourage your child to immerse themselves in another language. Give them a crash course in the basics of your curator's mother tongue

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BONUS: Collectible Stickers

Collect stickers and plot them on your free World Wall Map that comes with your first edition. See where your new friends from around the world are living.

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