How does the money from this project get distributed?

It is extremely important to us that their is transparency on where the money from the letters is going. Here is the exact paragraphs directly from the business plan.

Goal: to send $2,000AUD to each contributing guide as quickly as possible.

Business model brief:

Revenue per letter                $7.50

Cost to print and send          $3.50 – sending = $1.10 (Australia)

Contribution per letter           $4.00

500 Subscribers funds 2 guides (500X$4) per month

5000 Subscribers funds 20 Guides per month. Funds can be sent as soon as subscribers have paid and content received from guides.

Initial goal – 5000 subscribers x 6 months = 120 Guides supported

We also want to acknowledge that to get this program up and running we have relied on the support of friends and colleagues to help with design, editing, content creation and many other things. All of those people are also on furlough/stand down or at best reduced hours and pay. That demonstrates the BEST of humanity. We also hope to find a way to repay their donation of time and kindness should this idea take off. We will add any information here when/if that time comes around how any of those funds are being apportioned so You (the customer) can continue to make the best choices for your money on who and what You wish to support.