Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about A Letter from the World


Where does my letter come from?

A. The physical letter that arrives in your mailbox is printed in Australia sent through the normal mail system (snail mail). The content in the letter is the collaboration between a professional tour guide based in the city that is highlighted in the edition you receive and a child who they know (their child, their neighbor, their niece/nephew). Each edition highlights a new city and people to learn about.

What is the right age group to be receiving the letters?

A. The content is aimed to stimulate eager learners aged from 5 to 11 years. Elements like geography, history, culture, music and cuisine/cooking are covered in the letters.

Does my child receive a personal note from a child in another country?

A. The collaborating child (see “Where does my letter come from above”) pens a note that all recipient children receive. Therefore, all recipients receive exactly the same note. It is not one personal note per child (as in traditional pen pals). All letters are therefore identical.

I have more than 1 primary/elementary aged child in our household. Should I get them a letter each or is one letter between then enough?

A. All the letters are identical, 1 letter per family is probably OK. It does mean that the children will need to share the colouring-in and find-a-word components.

How many letters do I get per subscription? When is my letter coming?

A. There are two letters sent within a calendar month. For each $15 spent, you get 2 letters. You will be sent the first letter in the next run after your sale is processed.

Is my subscription ongoing or do I need to resubscribe each month?

A. At this point the subscription is not ongoing. We'll send you an email each month to see if you and your child are enjoying the letters and a link for you to continue on. We understand that at this time especially, things are changing fast and we don't want to lock people into something they can't afford.

What are you doing about safety?

A. There are two main safety concerns we have built in systems to protect against – child safety and COVID-19 safety. We have adopted the same policy to address both of these problems. Letters are both edited centrally and printed in your home country. Everything comes via our editorial team before sending. There is nothing being sent from overseas to you.

Can my child write back to the child who sent the note?

A. Yes! They would love that and their name and postal address is part of the letter contents unless they have opted to not give that information. We recommend to send a post card of where you are from! Note, there is no guarantee that you will then hear back from the child you have sent the message too.

What are the next cities to be featured?

A. We keep an updated list of upcoming cities on the home page.

Can I request a specific city for my letter(s)?

A. Not at this point. If this or something else is what you'd really like to see, please request it on one of our social media channels so we can see what other people think to assess the idea.

My letter didn’t arrive or got more questions? What should I do?

A. Please contact us via email, Instagram or Facebook and let us know. We'll send you a replacement.

Who are these tour guides that are recipients of the net proceeds from these letters?

A. Through his work, Tony knows literally thousands of affected tour guides. It is likely that the recipient is someone who Tony has worked with or has a close degree of connection to Tony. We want to support as many guides as we can, regardless of who they work for but more based on their need for support. Check the blog on this site or the social accounts for the social enterprise to see who specifically has benefited. 

Who are You?

A. We are a Dad and daughter team from Melbourne, Australia. Our Bio is at the bottom of the page here